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Interesting collections of the Sinsay brand are gladly chosen by lovers of many styles.


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Zagrebačka 49
44000 Sisak
Zagrebačka 49
44000 Sisak

A refreshing offer of the Sinsay collection is waiting for you in the center of Supernova Požega

Inspired by popular Instagram bloggers, many young women and girls nurture a youthful style full of current trends, and just such outfits are waiting for you in the Sinsay store. Modern and special combinations are impossible to design without modern jeans, colorful sweaters, trendy shirts, leather fashion pieces, coats and jackets and indispensable fashion accessories. Look for models inspired by the latest trends on the shelves of the Sinsay store.

Schoolgirls, students, and all other lovers of youthfull style will enjoy the brand's offer, and the range will surely delight members of other generations who like to refresh their classic combinations with popular and modern pieces and elements of current trends. Like a true fashion lover, choose the ideal pieces with which you will create a business styling, an everyday combination, an outfit for an evening or for a festive occasion.

Every season in Sinsay brings new collections and popular fashion pieces, and in addition to the seasonal assortment, the store also offers a sleeping program, collections of jewelry and fashion accessories, gift sets, holiday collections and collections inspired by popular cartoon or TV characters.

For powerful characters and great fashion combinations

Sinsay is a popular Polish brand of the LPP retail chain that has been operating successfully in many countries worldwide. The headquarters of Sinsay is located in the Polish capital Gdansk. Other popular brands of LPP are Reserved and Cropp. Since its foundation in 2012, the leading brand has been offering the latest fashion trends to the younger generations. Today, Sinsay has 190 outlets all over the world and its expansion on the market is due to the successful operation of the brand. The Sinsay brand signature stands for powerful and cheerful girls of strong character that dare to follow the latest fashion trends. Thanks to its rich assortment, the Sinsay store offers young girls a great opportunity to play around with fashion so to emphasize their own personality. Favourable prices are one of the great advantages of the brand that allows young people to buy many top-quality fashion items.

Choose an original fashion look and surprise everyone around you with powerful combinations of different samples, materials and models. Play around with new fashion trends and feel like a real fashion icon. Inspired by popular megastars such as Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and many others, create your own unique style by adding a touch of glamour, fashion novelties and a part of your character. Be authentic and leave a trace in the society - everything is easy when you are young.

New! Sinsay store opening
09. July 2021

Visit the newly opened Sinsay store and enjoy the rich offer of new and modern collections, as well as fashion accessories and seasonal collections ideal for many occasions.